Welcome to Lillestrøm Rotary Club!

We warmly welcome fellow Rotarians to our meetings, which are held on Tuesdays at 1900 hours at Thon Hotel Arena in Lillestrøm. 

Lillestrøm Rotary Club was granted its Charter by Rotary International on March 8th, 1955. At present the club has 41 members.

Lillestrøm is the main town of the municipality of Lillestrøm with close to 80 thousand inhabitants, located midway between Oslo and its main airport, Gardermoen. As from 1. January 2020 three municipalities, Skedsmo, Fet and Sørum were merged under the name Lillestrøm.

Lillestrøm, with the nickname "sawdust city" was, historically, a town for timber industry and sawmills. Now the municipality of Lillestrøm hosts a number of high technology research establishments and offspring companies.

One of the oldest airport in the world (first flight September 21, 1912) is located just outside of Lillestrøm. It is still in operation for military aircraft maintenance and for small aircrafts.

Should you visit Lillestrøm, we would be most pleased to have an email from you to: lillestr@rotary.no.


Møtested: Thon Hotel Arena
Adresse: Nesgata 1
Postnummer: 2004
Sted: Lillestrøm
Land: NO
Møtedag: Tirsdag
Møtetid: 19:00
Møtespråk: no
Møtedetaljer: Thon Hotel Arena ligger vegg-i-vegg med NOVA Spektrum (Norges Varemesse) i Lillestrøm og i gangavstand fra togstasjonen.


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